APPLE’S WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE (WWDC) 2016 stated incremental updates coming to iOS [with the launching of ios 10], Watch OS, TV OS, and Mac OS X—which is now called macOS. Revealing plans for all its devices in the coming year including a more intelligent Siri and Messages app, quicker Apple Watch and easier to use laptops and software updates for all of Apple’s products – iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Also launched ios 10 with upgraded features of Siri SDK, iMessage, Apple music makeover, More responsive notifications, Managed photos, Prettier – more open maps, contextual awareness, Apple news rethink, Homekit, Phone fun – Voice mail transcription, Hiding the junk.

Following are the listed points about the updates mentioned in WWDC 2016:

Watch OS
• Control center like ios
• Instant app response
• Go through app instantly by pressing side button
• Reply option for messages
• Switch watch face by swipe
• SOS- Emergency call 911 by long press side button & it will also show your medical id.
• Activity sharing
• launching new watch app for health, named Breath.

• Live Tuning
• Siri remote
• Single sing on
• YouTube Siri search

Mac OS
• Now desktop OS X called Mac OS
• launch new Mac OS 10 Sierra
• Auto unlock
• Universal Clipboard
• Giving 150 GB instead of 20 GB cloud space free storage

iOS 10
• Siri Everywhere: Apple has created a Siri SDK, which means that developers will now be able to incorporate it into their apps at will.
• Apple music makeover: Everything’s much more clean and navigable, including a new tab for downloaded music and a For You section that provides a new playlist of music Apple thinks you’ll like every single day.
• More responsive notifications: shows you what’s on your display when you pick it up. From there, you can get more info or respond to them from the lock screen using 3D Touch.
• Photos, managed: Face recognition, object recognition, clustering and sorting by person, date, and place.
• Prettier, more open maps: open to third party developers.
• Siri helps you type: Siri’s going to give Apple’s QuickType keyboard a boost, bringing contextual awareness into play to provide suggested replies.
• Apple news rethink: News sorts the news into sections that make sense, and also includes support for subscriptions.
• HomeKit: you can control all of your smart home devices that have compatible apps.
• Phone fun: Voice mail transcription. A new VoIP API that lets incoming calls from WhatsApp, FaceTime, or wherever look more like normal phone call.
• Hide the junk: you can delete Tips, Calculator, Music, and more than a dozen other preloaded Apple apps.
• Redesign lock screen
• Rich Notification
• Quick interaction with app
• Get access of camera in lock screen by swipe left
• Swipe right lock screen to use widget
• iMessage, the Platform: While sharing video, it will play on same screen – like instagram, Now emojis are 3 times bigger, Emoji prediction 7 tap to replace, Invisible ink for private message, Bubble effect, Hand written message, Digital touch, Full screen effect

Swift: A new app for iPad launch for learning swift code. App name is Swift playground.

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