Android Studio 3.0 – A blessing for developers


Android IDE has become the favorite platform for developers to work on. Top among the dominant reasons is that Android’s Google Play Store welcomes launching of apps on its platform and compared to Apple’s App Store, it is easier to get the approval from Google Play Store. This is a major plus point for developers as they get enough space to experiment with new features and introduce unique user experience through the app.


Android Studio is the most convenient IDE for developers that enable them to utilize tools for app building. Android Studio 3.0 makes its IDE more enthralling with the addition of unique features such as:


Support for Instant Apps: Android Studio 3.0 now incorporates 2 modules to support Instant Apps. Developers can now code instant apps in this integrated development environment. New Module Wizard and Modularized Refactoring Action are freshly added modules. The age of Instant Apps where user need not install every single app is the future ahead.


Kotlin: Android Studio 3.0 extends support for Kotlin language. This language is being appreciated by almost all developers owing to its readability quotient and easy to learn and understand. Developers can use in-built conversion tools and integrate the Kotlin code in already existing Android apps. Convert Java files into Kotlin with such conversion tools, that too with minimal efforts.


APK Debugging: Debugging APK was a matter of concern in Android Studio until the release of version 3.0. Now it is possible for developers to link the source with the flow of APK debugging. Such simplified process will result in faster analyzing and debugging process. It also features an improved APK analyzer that helps developers optimize the size of their APKs.


Android Profiler: Android Studio 3.0 marks the arrival of new window design called as Android Profiler. With its help developers can access mobile app’s real time data through 3 modules (a) CPU profiler (b) Memory profiler (c) Network Profiler


More speed: Another area Google focused on was to speed up the build time for complex projects. With this release, Gradle build speeds are significantly faster. The team tested this with projects that use more than a hundred modules, and Cuthbertson noted that for these highly complex projects, build times can go from minutes to seconds.


Other new features in this release include support for Java 8 language features and APIs, an improved layout editor, support for adaptive icons in Android O and XML fonts and downloadable fonts, support for Android Things, updated system images for Android O (which is now in beta), Google Play store support in the emulator and support for Android Wear rotary controls in emulator.

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