Firebase – A unified app platform

Firebase is a mobile platform that helps you to quickly develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. It Works across platforms- It supports you whether you’re building for iOS, Web, or Android. Another thing is theFirebase Analytics, which is user and event-centric and gives you insight into what your users are […]


APPLE’S WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE (WWDC) 2016 stated incremental updates coming to iOS [with the launching of ios 10], Watch OS, TV OS, and Mac OS X—which is now called macOS. Revealing plans for all its devices in the coming year including a more intelligent Siri and Messages app, quicker Apple Watch and easier to use […]

Android Studio 3.0 – A blessing for developers

  Android IDE has become the favorite platform for developers to work on. Top among the dominant reasons is that Android’s Google Play Store welcomes launching of apps on its platform and compared to Apple’s App Store, it is easier to get the approval from Google Play Store. This is a major plus point for […]

Augmented Reality is Coming…

  It’s no secret that right now there’s a huge amount of buzz around Augmented Reality (AR) and its likely impact across multiple industry sectors. But cutting through the hype can be tricky in terms of understanding where the real value in AR lies for your business. Recent research suggests that the AR software market […]

Apple’s 10th Anniversary launches…

  iPhone X – The future of smart phone. The iPhone X is the company’s biggest iPhone redesign ever, complete with all the features you’ve heard rumors of this week.   “It is all screen,” Apple said. Say hello to a near edge-to-edge display (except for the top, where the camera lives), featuring the most durable […]